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Ever Grace Shoes Vietnam Co. Ltd.

Company Profile
Our corporation is highly devoted in the art of shoes-making; with great professional know-how, and passionate spirit since 1981. Within the past 25 years, we had set up Gong Shenq manufacture shoes enterprise Co., Ltd, Ann Yuann and Poll Lead footwear Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. As well as Ever Grace industrial limited and Ever Credit pacific limited in HK. We have Yong Sheng, Yong Yi, Yong Xin and Yong Bao factories, and Yong Yi Vietnam factory (Ever Grace VN, which is located in Vietnam with employees around 1500 people) . Total capacity is over 10 million pairs per year. Our outstanding craftsmanship has won us great reputation all over the world.

Contact Us
Company: Ever Grace Shoes Vietnam Co. Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Chris Zhao
Address: Phu Hoa, Village Hoa Loi
Tel: 84-650-3588188
Fax: 84-650-3588195

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Tel : 84-650-3588188 Fax : 84-650-3588195
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